Dos and Don’ts

When wearing a hat, it is best to have good manners and gracious behavior! A few simple styling details will help to keep you at your best.


When wearing a beret, DO make sure to gather all of the extra fabric and slouch it toward the back of your head, rather than having a poof on the top.

Slouchy beanies really DO look best with a little hair fringe sticking out of them, so leave your bangs or a few long wisps of hair out in the front. This goes for headbands too.

A cloche looks best framing the brows. DO place it on your head so that it tilts back just far enough to see those well groomed accents. This is true for fedoras as well.

DO match your hat to your other accessories. What lovely boots and gloves those are…

Gentlemen, ladies of all ages DO love it when you tip your hat in greeting.

Ladies, DO keep your hat on indoors. Gentlemen, DON’T.

Please DO respect others at concerts and assemblies by removing tall hats that might obscure views.


If you are over the age of 12, DON’T wear your hat backwards.

DON’T flip the front brim of a sunhat. It is designed to keep the sun off of your lovely face. If the brim is bothering you, it’s time for a different hat.

When wearing a fedora, DON’T flip the rear brim down. Take a moment to make sure the front of the brim is as you like it, either up or down, and the back is flipped up.

DON’T choose a hat based on the way it looks on someone else. Choose it for your face and yours alone.

DON’T forget to wear your hat!

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