Whether you choose to spend this Sunday at an Easter parade, or ringing in the sunrise on top of a mountain, may we suggest you dress the part? Any one of these lovely cloches would make the perfect accessory.







We are very excited about this new collection of basics. Brims just big enough to cover that adorable nose of yours while allowing you to see your feet as they trek all over town — be that Portland, Rome or Paris.

Kay packable cloche

Janey cap

April cotton cloche

Seville packable cloche

Casey cap

Allie straw and cotton cloche


Derby Dos and Don’ts

April 9, 2014

With the Kentucky Derby fast upon us, it seems like a perfect opportunity to refresh our hat etiquette with some timely Derby Dos and Don’ts.

 For the ladies:

-DO plan your Derby outfit around your hat rather than the other way around. Stick to a simple sheath dress or tailored pencil skirt and peplum jacket. Add dimension to your clothing with a simple floral print or stripe, and let the wow factor come from your what you’re wearing on your head.

-This is an occasion where size does matter, so DO go big with your brim. As much as we love a good fascinator here at Bonnet, they are a DON’T for Derby.

Paloma wide brim

-DO wear an asymmetrical brim. This is not only the most flattering way to highlight your gorgeous eyes, it  allows you to see whether your horse is still in the race.


-DO take the time to embellish your hats, ladies. Use grosgrain ribbon to make a large bow, add a fabric flower or go with some fresh picked and tuck them into your band.

Pretty little (big) flowers, available in the shop

-DO think about your partner. Your hats DON’T need to (and shouldn’t) match, but it’s nice if they DO complement each other.

-Now is the time to place your order for a custom Derby hat at Bonnet! DON’T wait too late!

For the gentlemen:

-Derby is a formal event, so DO don your seersucker or lightweight suit for the occasion. 

-DO choose a wider brim Panama or more traditional fedora. The stingy brim is a DON’T on Derby day.

Palmer panama fedora

-DO embellish that wider brim men’s hat with a small rose bud or scented blossom that goes with your partner’s ensemble.

-If a wide brim just isn’t your style, DO choose a light color flat cap in a silk or linen. 

William silk tweed driver

-DO choose to host or attend a Derby party that benefits our community. There are many that DO.

-DO tip your hat to the ladies upon entering your event.

Davis paper straw fedora

-DON’T forget to stop by our Kentucky Derby Party here at the shop on First Thursday, May 1st!

-DO toss your hat in the air in joy when your horse wins the race!


Handmade just for you…

April 2, 2014

We’d like you to meet Daisy. She’s hand-spun, hand-dyed, and hand-knit here in Oregon using the loveliest (and softest) silk yarn. She’s quite special, as she was made exclusively for Bonnet, so you’ll know where to find her.

Daisy in merlot

Daisy in tan blush

Daisy in pale rose


He’s got style

March 26, 2014

What’s your style? Whether its a fedora, cap or driver – we’ve got the right fit. Need help deciding? Here’s a primer…

Everyone needs a good basic. This cotton cap is the perfect step up from the ol’ ballcap.


Drivers are the jack of all trades – dress them up or wear it with a tee, they go both ways.


Step up to a fedora if you’re looking for something a little more refined. Here’s a versatile style that goes with most anything, especially sunny days.