Shop Assistant Position Available!

It has been three whole years since we’ve added to our glorious Bonnet staff, but the time has come!

We are looking for a part-time shop assistant who is available every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and the occasional Friday. Flexibility and sewing skills are a must, as is a wonderful outlook on life and a love of accessories and silly puppies.

If you are interested, please send a little note about yourself and a resume to

Colette’s visit to Portland

Colette has just arrived on the 4:30 train from San Francisco. Thank goodness the delay didn’t hinder her plans for dinner with Jack. It’s been five years, and they have so much to catch up on.

Tea tomorrow afternoon should be interesting, as Mae will surely want every detail. A quick run around to the shops will follow (she’s been waiting ages to get another blouse made from Duchess), and the evening will round out with Happy Hour with her cousin, who will try to convince Collette to take that job at the Art Musuem.

A quick breakfast at Maurice on Friday is planned before heading back to the train station, where she’ll continue north on her mission to reconnect with good old friends.

Colette cloches, $150 each

City Glamour

Looking for a little glamour in the city? Our Bacall is the perfect sunny day accessory. Urban, shady, and light as air. Wear this summer fedora with jeans and your favorite tee or a little dress and some cowgirl boots. Perfect every time.

View the current selection of Bacalls here

It’s the little things

Here are some goodies fit to finish off your outfit. All of these headbands are comfortable enough for all day wear without having to worry about a headache. We’ve paired them with our new soft cotton jersey eternity scarves, handmade here in Portland by hello katiemax. Always remember to accessorize…

Allison ($12), Hello scarf ($42), and Poppy ($14)

Hello scarf ($42), Moonstone and Obsidian elastic headbands ($8 each)

Hello scarf ($42), Kensie ($16), and Emerald elastic ($8)

Penny stretch jersey headband ($16)

Hats for your adventures

If you’re looking for a hat to take you from the trails of Forest Park to your Grand Canyon excursion, might we suggest a few of our more adventurous options. All of these are fit to be stuffed in a backpack (though , of course, they’ll be on your head most of the time), and will do the job in keeping you shaded on your sunny escapades. Stop by and tell us about your upcoming trip, and we’ll help you find a hat with the right qualities to travel along with you.

Chris, comes with a lifetime guarantee from Tilley

Sahara and Tahoe, both come with Tilley’s lifetime guarantee

Jessica, a great mid-brim in packable cotton canvas

Harvey, comes with a handy adjustable leather chin strap

Hudson, packable felt, comes with its own travel bag

Carmel, packable raffia, comes with its own travel bag